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How do I get a HVMarket account?

Follow the instructions on the Register page.

Are there any fees?

No, HVMarket is free for sellers and buyers.

How does HVMarket work?

HVMarket uses a dedicated HentaiVerse account as a warehouse. Every 30 seconds, it checks for new mails, checks the credit log to check for paid CoDs, then it sends orders, recalled stock, withdrawn credits and verification code mails. Because HVMarket must perform these actions one by one, there may sometimes be a delay when it is busy, so please be patient and try refreshing the page after 5 minutes.

How do I sell items?

MoogleMail items to HVMarket, then wait around 1 minute and go to Manage Prices to set your prices. You can also set prices from individual item Exchange pages. HVMarket will remember your prices even if you run out of stock, and you can always set prices for any item you have deposited in the past. You can set prices for items you have never stocked before on the item's Exchange page.

What can I sell on HVMarket?

You can sell any item. MoogleMails with equipment or CoDs will be rejected. Credits and Hath will be accepted and kept as donations.

How do I buy items?

Use the front page search to find items, then click their names to go to their Exchange page. These work the same as the E-Hentai Hath and GP exchanges. You can manage your unfulfilled purchases from the Buy Orders page. You have up to 72 hours to pay for an order before HVMarket automatically cancels it. Users who frequently cancel orders may be banned, especially if they wait to do so, as it is unfair to the seller.

I changed my username, help!

Use the Change Username page.

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