How do I get a HVMarket account?
Follow the instructions on the Register page.
Are there any fees?
Not anymore.
How do I sell items?
MoogleMail items to HVMarket first, then go to Your Shop. Click the link to check for new MoogleMails. This will usually be instant, but sometimes you may need to wait a moment if HVMarket is busy. When they appear, set your prices by filling in the 'Unit Price' column, and pressing 'Update Prices'.

You cannot sell equipment or Hath on HVMarket, and if you set a CoD, your item will be rejected. Credits will be accepted and kept as donations.

How do I buy items?
Go to Item Search to find the item you want. You can also find links to all items on the Item List page. Fill in the quantity you want to buy in the '#' column, then click 'Purchase' at the top. The items will be sent to you with a CoD automatically. You might have to wait a moment if HVMarket is busy.

You can also use Quick Buy on the Item List page by clicking the arrow next to the item name.

How long can I wait before paying for my items?
If you do not pay within 30 minutes, the sale will be cancelled.
Can I cancel a sale early?
You can return the purchase MoogleMail to HVMarket.
What does Quick Buy do?
Quick Buy works like the Hath/GP Exchange on E-Hentai. You must enter a maximum quantity to buy, and a maximum price to pay. HVMarket will send you as many items as it can, up to these limits.
What do the colours mean on the Transactions page?
Normal means the sale has been completed and the seller has been paid. If it is transparent, the buyer has not paid for the item yet. If it is red, the sale was cancelled. If it is green, the seller has not been paid yet. If a sale gets stuck on green for longer than 30 minutes, contact support.
What do I do if I change my E-Hentai username?
Set your items to 0c, then use the Change Username page. If your HVMarket account does not match your E-Hentai username, you will not be paid when you sell items. (Do not contact support unless it is a large amount of credits.)